General Information

  • Hunting and fishing permits available at the base reception.
  • Free parking
  • Near the base you will find grocery stores, convenience store, beer and spirits, hunting and fishing lures as well as equipement.
  • If needed before or after your stay with us, comfortable lodging is available at the motel in Ste-Anne-du-Lac or at many motels in Mont-Laurier (50 km from our base). Mont-Laurier also offers an array of groceries stores.
  • Should you be coming from abroad, you must have a valid passport. Information available at You must register your firearm at the Canadian border. Forms have to be filled in order to be able to take the meat, the fur and the woods back with you. Form CAFC 909 or 910, at 1-800-731-4000
  • To get to Sainte-Anne-du-Lac

Coming from Montreal, (approximately 3 hours), take Highway 15 North, turn onto Route 309 North in Mont-Laurier until arrival.

Coming from Ottawa, (approximately 2h30), take Highway 417 East, continue on Route 174 East, exit at Cumberland, take the ferry to Masson-Angers, continue on 50 East to exit 174 towards Mont-Laurier and take Route 309 until arrival.

By air, the closest national airports are Montreal ( YUL ) and Ottawa ( YOW ).